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Hello there - and welcome to my Eliminate Cancer hubpage.

A little bit about me: my name is Kate, I'm the founder of Stronger Than Cancer.   I'm a triple-negative Breast Cancer Survivor, Single Mother, and Health Coach.  I research nutritional cancer therapies, and the core elements of cancer survival, with the goal of supporting the body as it heals itself, and moving toward optimum health.

It has been an interesting path - one I did not choose for myself.  When I was diagnosed with cancer, I thought I was a healthy and happily married woman, and homeschooling mother of two children.  I was at LOW-risk for getting cancer, everything about me was healthy: no family history, no weight issues, never smoked, breast-fed my children - I am the perfect example of 'cancer can hit anyone'.

But getting cancer was not the most traumatic event for me.  It was the fact that when I was diagnosed, my husband decided we shouldn't be married anymore.  And that led to 4 years of a terrible divorce battle, made worse by his lawyer who was very aggressive.  

I was fighting several battles: the cancer itself (trying to strengthen my immune system), the divorce (which was also a battle over homeschooling), my doctors (who didn't agree with my treatment choices), and issues trying to close a business I was trying to launch when I was diagnosed.  Everything in life collapsed: my work, my health, my marriage.   

But the children were wonderful!!  The three of us moved to a cottage on the coast of Maine for a while, and then to Massachusetts.  Because we homeschooled, they were able to maintain relationships, and make new ones, without the stress of changing school systems (on top of mom being sick, and parents getting divorced).  These were hard years for them, I'm sure, but they still found opportunities for growth and exploration - they are two of the most resilient people I know.

Ultimately, although the turn of events was not what I would want for anyone, I am glad it happened.  I would not wish cancer on anyone, but if I didn't get cancer, I would still be married to the WRONG person.  I think of Elizabeth Edwards (who had the same diagnosis I did), who did the right thing, stood faithfully by her husband, and died.  I am here alive, stronger than ever, living a life that is perfect for me and my children (they won't homeschool every year, but they are independent learners regardless of where that learning takes place).  I am so happy to be on a new path in life - a path of health, integrity, autonomy, growth, love, freedom, affection, warmth, and happiness…  it's not easy, but it feels right.

My belief is that everyone can fight cancer and win.  Our body is designed to heal itself, if we give it what it needs.  I also believe that cancer is preventable, but not in the sense that cancer patients should be blamed for unhealthy lifestyles - diet and exercise do a lot to prevent cancer - but cancer should be preventable by eliminating exposure to cancer-causing agents in our environment.  Every day we are exposed to presumably 'safe levels' of things that are known to cause cancer.  We can't eliminate these completely, but we can reduce our own exposure, and advocate for better regulation.

Nearly 1 out of 2 men (1 out of 3 women) will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.  Cancer is no longer something that weak people get, we all have to actively prevent it in ourselves.

So, distilling what brought me here, you will probably guess that I will write consistently about cancer, and cancer prevention, and living with cancer, and how to beat cancer when it hits.

But there's another side to my life.  Moving on.  Creating myself.  Nurturing my family.  So, you will also see writings on family, children, education, diet, love, relationships…  with the perspective of someone who has been to some strange places in all of this.  

I hope you enjoy what you read :) 

If you enjoy writing, I highly recommend you join hubpages, it's an exciting place to share ideas, sign up here.

If you are a cancer patient, or cancer survivor, join the discussion about cancer related health tips and news on the Stronger Than Cancer Facebook page. 

Also, I've designed some inspirational, and inexpensive gifts for cancer patients and survivors at the Stronger Than Cancer store.  Remind yourself every day to keep up the fight - we truly are Stronger Than Cancer!

And finally, I'm on twitter - I'd love to connect with you: @SurvivingMyWay

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    We all hear about a healthy diet and how it prevents cancer. If that is true, how did Steve Jobs, a vegan, die of cancer. The answer lies in the many factors involved in the progression and spread of cancer.

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    Government Mandated Vaccines: Where Do We Draw the Line?

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    You may have heard of the many health benefits of broccoli sprouts, and current research is finding they are a potent cancer-fighter. Sprouts can be expensive at the store, but don't let that stop you. Broccoli is...

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    Eat Chocolate and Fight Cancer

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    We all know that chocolate is a popular Valentine gift, but this yummy treat is more than tasty - it fights cancer. It's like saying more than just, "I love you," it's like saying "Let's stay together......

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    How to Lose Weight by Giving Up Diet Soda

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    How can you switch one thing in your diet and begin to lose weight and feel better? It seems too simple, but I've witness first hand how switching from diet soda to water has immediate and dramatic results. When I...

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    Rebound relationships are those sticky situations we get into after divorce or a long-term relationship. But why do they have such a bad reputation? Why do they always seem doomed? Approaching a rebound relationship...

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    Vitamin C: A Controversial Cancer Fighter

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    Law of Attraction: A Scientific Approach

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    We hear people proclaim that the 'Law of Attraction' works. This is particularly irritating when we are going through a rough time and someone throws the book "The Secret" at us, as if that's going to...

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    It's Okay to Say 'NO' to Your Doctor

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    Gone are the days of the family doctor who knew everything about us. In our modern system of managed care, and specialists and referrals, we can get lost in the shuffle. It is more important than ever to be in control...

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    Saying I'm Sorry Doesn't Mean I'm Wrong

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    There's a common mis-understanding in the world today, that when you say that you're sorry, that you are admitting that you are wrong. There are many meanings of the word, and none imply 'fault'. Learn to use those...

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